Diamond Hunter

This morning I was out walking Peaches, and my nephew Hays came outside, he was getting ready to go on a diamond hunt. Yep, digging for diamonds is a offer right near here, for in Arkansas one of the largest diamond mines exist in the world and to boot, it is just a short drive from Ashdown.

So Hays (my nephew) is getting ready to leave, and I see him and he looks so cute, he is dressed for the occasion. So, I go on by, saying good morning to him, and I get into my RV and the thought comes to me, that I want to take his picture, he looked so cute and all. So I stir around and in a few minutes I see my sister walk outside from their house, and I thought, well, maybe he will be coming back outside in a moment and I can get that photo.

Well, I walk outside, camera in hand, and guess what? My sister also has her camera in her hand?

I look at her amazed, and we are standing there waiting on him to stand and pose, at this moment I think; he is going to tell us to go away. But…(big smile and relief) he actually poses for us. These two little ladies out to take our teenage son/nephew’s picture at 8:30am. He is a good sport, and gave his mom and auntie a nice start of the day.

What a nice way to find that love…

“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.” Rumi

Will he bring home a diamond? hmmm, good question. But you know what? My sister and I got ours this morning, and it was precious!

Love is in the moment~ fresh and bright and free…..

have fun!


I took this article from the Texarkana Gazette this morning, there are diamonds in that park, no doubt about it!

4.42-carat diamond found at state park

Submitted photo

A Murfreesboro, Ark. diamond hunter found a 4.42-carat stone Aug. 22 after about a 30-minute search at the Crater of Diamonds State Park, a park official announced.

Dennis Tyrrell, of Murfreesboro, searches for diamonds about three or four days a week at the state park and has found several others before, assistant park superintendent Bill Henderson said. The white diamond was Tyrrell’s largest find so far.

“It is a very nice diamond because of its size,” Henderson said. “And it has what they call a silver cape on it. It’s about the size of a Chicklet chewing gum


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