This morning while I was out walking Peaches, I came upon this lovely pair of Mallord Ducks. They were out grazing in a field and I got pretty close before they decided they needed to take flight.

If I could have gotten a little closer, or if I had that new lens (that I will get some day) then I could have shown you their magnificent colors. Their beaks looked almost fluorescent orange from where I stood. As it is, they look nice this way (black and white photo), taking flight and leaving me and Peaches behind.

The rice field that they usually take refuge in, is only minutes away from where I stood taking their photo. I am almost certain they went over to that field.

Are they migrating? I guess this is that time of year? But one thing I do know, it was so cute to see them, a pair of beautiful ducks traveling together, bound by no mans laws, just keeping one another company. Makes you wonder, or it does me. How do they choose each other? Oh well, not for me to know today. Today, I just accept that they exist for one another, and that I got to be part of their world for a few short minutes.

It was enough for me to view them, to have my camera at my side, and to fully enjoy this simple pleasure.



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