Stop Eating/Buying Corn….

I have a proposal for you, simple one in a way, stop buying corn. Sure when you first think of that it sounds pretty easy. Could be, but maybe not. But the first question you will ask me is why? Well, let me explain.

First broadly speaking, GMO. Plain and simple. l have come up with a pretty simple way to take on this insidious corporate plan to take over the worlds food. That being to just stop eating/buying corn. Corn is one of the most GMO’d products on the market. If you stop buying corn and its products you will become educated as to how you are allowing corn to genetically enter your system and you are one of the 21st century lab rats.

Here are a few products that corn will look like, corn meal, corn flour, corn syrup, fructose, glucose, surcrose, corn starch, corn oil, corn gluten, or if you can just download and print this free printout, which will give detailed information on which companies are Not putting gmo into their products.

But here is the dig….if you are left to do the research, and always reading each and every label looking for the gmo, you will be in the grocery store for hours. I do this, I read the labels, and it is so frustrating, because I hate to tell you, but you will be left buying very few items on the inside asles of the grocery store, as most items have some kind of gmo’s corn product. That is what you will learn. You will discover when you TRY to stop buying corn, that it is almost impossible.

That is what got me thinking, why did they have to gmo corn? I will let you chew on that for a while also.

Here is some of the issues that relate to gmo’d:

  • New toxins and allergens in foods
  • Other damaging effects on health caused by unnatural foods
  • Increased use of chemicals on crops, resulting in increased contamination of our water supply and food
  • The creation of herbicide-resistant weeds
  • The spread of diseases across species barriers
  • Loss of bio-diversity in crops
  • The disturbance of ecological balance
  • Artificially induced characteristics and inevitable side-effects will be passed on to all subsequent generations and to other related organisms. Once released, they can never be recalled or contained. The consequences of this are incalculable.

Genetically modified foods available, or about to appear, in U.S. markets include tomatoes, squash, yeast, corn, potatoes, and soybeans (which are used in 60 % of all processed foods, such as bread, pasta, candies, ice cream, pies, biscuits, margarine, meat products and vegetarian meat substitutes). Genetically modified organisms are also used to produce cheeses and canola oil. But this is just the beginning. In a few years it may be almost impossible to find natural food.
The food industry and government appear to be complacent. They assume that these new foods are not substantially different from existing foods and pose no special risks. But this assumption is wrong and dangerous. The radical changes being made by biotechnologists could never happen in nature, and have already caused toxic side-effects. Current regulations require only minimal safety testing for some foods, and none at all for others. In no case do regulations require evaluation of long term impacts on health.
Most genetically modified foods will not be labelled. Under present regulations manufacturers are already introducing genetically modified ingredients into many processed foods without informing consumers. The government is ignoring the wishes of the public. Surveys consistently find that 85-90% of consumers want clear labelling of all genetically engineered foods
My souce on this is:

John B. Fagan, Ph.D.
Professor of Molecular Biology

If you will stop buying corn, we can send a message, it will speak volumes. If you can do this one thing, we can chip away at the money. Money is what talks, money speaks loud!


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