Bliss Full LIfe Light

Solstice sunset on OK Landing

I drove to this spot not really knowing that I would get there for the *Solstice Sunset*, the sun had just dropped out of sight as I arrived, and this was the after affect. It was so pretty, and the landing was void of humans, so I was all alone, me and sun setting in the west. I have never visited this landing before, my sister Kay, had been telling me about this place for a while, it was a delight. 

I grew up in this part of Arkansas, and it has some beauty to it for sure, but over the years it has become more beautiful, the Millwood lake (that is what this is) was damed up back in the late 60’s, so over the last 40 years it has matured. Back during the 60’s, I was in high school this lake was a good fishing lake, still may be for all I know, but it is certainly good for photography. That is what I love.

June 22, 2008 Sunset

I drove back to the lake the following evening, this view is from Beards Bluff and it has some gorgous sunset views. It just amazes me that I never really got into this growing up? Oh well, as a teenager I was more about superficially exploring the world, if I was at the lake it was to find something fun to do, and watching the sun set in those days wasn’t my priority. (my loss)

Here is another view of the Beards Bluff lookout. I can be at this site in 15 minutes drive time from the house. It has a little playground and basketball court. The lake below the lookout, has a campground and fishing ramp. But the view is better from this spot. I love to drive here in the afternoons, walk Peaches and enjoy the view.

As I drive over the dam back toward Ashdown this landing which is called Millwood Dam Landing is so pretty. Right now there are not alot of campers here, and I sat in my car on the point of this park and took this photo. The view is so pretty and serene.

Driving back home the last couple of evening I noticed this foggy patch of land on the side of the road. I pulled off the road and took a few photos of it, and I am glad I did, as it has such a nice feel to it. I can almost see the little mystical characters out and about here. Do You? (wink)

I recieved an email from a good friend today. He emailed me about a pal of his who was killed in a motorcycle accident over the weekend. He included in the email the photo of his pal and a himself after a float trip down the Mulberry River just days before the incident.

So here is  the photo, seeing this puts a little perspective in our life. I do know one thing, we “never know”. So be sure and find time to do those things that often we just put off. Write that email, letter, note, card to an old pal. pick up the phone and tell a long overdue pal hi, stay in touch with life…..

and oh yeah!

have fun (wink)


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