Oh My Sensitive Heart…

The utterances of the heart— unlike those of the discriminating intellect— always relate to the whole. Carl Jung

Oh my heart, my soul feels, my heart aches, my mind races, my life feels so confused, and yet….I AM.

I AM….

free to choose how I feel, when I am allowing my soul to feel, is that my intellect, would it be better to let go of emotional responses to this world? Would I do what makes me *feel good* all the time then?

I AM…..

the combination of all that collectively completes me, no good, no bad, just is

I AM…..

the bouquet of roses, but wait! I am also the stems, the thorns, the roots, the leaves, the essence of fragrance of this glory, all that and more.

I AM….

Heart, Soul, Body, Life, Love. I AM

Peace and Bliss….

I AM…..Whole


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