New Camera…New Eye

I am so excited, I bought a new camera yesterday. It is a little more advanced than I am, but that is ok, it will be a new challenge learning how to use it.

Last night was the largest view of the moon of the year, and I was out trying to see how much more of it could capture.  This camera (used and a 2005 model) Canon Powershop A95, has two lens that can be used to for extending the zoom. I don’t have those lens yet, but I plan on ordering at least one of them.

Anyway, here are a few of the latest shots…..

This is the very best photo of the moon that I have ever taken. This is a shot of the Scorpio moon, it is said that viewing this full moon will enhance ones ability to look inside and find the place of healing. I am a healer, so I was fully energized last eveing. Capturing this beautiful moon shot was so enriching for me.

Honestly? Well this not the moon (the bigger circle was an effect from the haze surrounding the moon, then I used the editing to create this look. Dreamy is how I perceive this to be. I love the way it came out, and even if I couldn’t get a shot of the moon this close up, the way this turned out give me great joy. I love my new camera. I am going to have so much fun with it.

My new little garden is shaping up, each day I add a few more flowers to it, and love the way it is looking. So nice to go outside in the morning and view this site.

I have a project lined up for the day today. I am going to make a solar heated shower for my RV. I could not find the exact directions online, *unusual for me*, but I have the basic idea in my head.

So for now, I sign off today…..

are you having fun?

why not?



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