Nature the natural state

Cicely Mary Barker knew how to relate to the joys that nature can give when she wrote “A Flower Fairies Treasury” in 1923.

From her book, my choice, for today’s enjoyment is:

‘The Song Of The Apple Blossom Fairies

Up in the trees we see you, blossom-babies,
All pink and white;
We think there must be fairies to protect you
From frost and blight,
Until, some windy day, in drifts of petals,
You take your flight.

You’ll fly away! But if we wait with patience,
Some day we’ll find
Here, in your place, full-grown and ripe, the apples
You left behind-
A goodly gift indeed, from blossom-babies
To human-kind!’

I read this little poem this morning, and immediately got my camera, and took off to the little garden spot I am fixing up. I got busy planting a few impatients for this shady little piece of paradise. I love working out in this little space, even though it has some hazards, example good stock of poisen ivy growing in this little place as well. I got poisen ivy only one time, after that I am very careful of it.

Anyway, I had a peaceful morning moment planting my new flowers, and capturing the flowers on digicamera.


The above photo is hiding a very pretty source of pleasure, if you look at the large white/green leaf of the caladium, you will notice a small speck of reddish/pink, hardly noticeable from this angle.

Now look at this angle, same spot really just a step to the left really,

Here is the point, (very simple actually) when we look at life from just a small step to the right or left, we can see things so differently. Amazing flower here, buried in the leaf of the big beautiful caladium ,no wonder you don’t see the flower at first, the larger caladium is taking over the  show. But this little flower, will grow larger as time goes, it will become an important part of the show. Life? same thing, we take so much for granted, we see the big showy stuff and at times are too bogged down to see the beauty beneath. Listen, you will hear the birds singing, the squirrels talk to one another among the trees, the
winds sings it melody in the branches of the fruit trees, Life, what a joy in nature we have. Free….

are you having fun today?

why not?

Life is life is life…..



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