Summer Va Ca Tion & Hobbies

From Wikipedia

“The words holiday or vacation have related meanings in different English-speaking countries and continents, but will usually refer to one of the following activities or events:

  • A general leave of absence from a regular occupation for rest or recreation
  • A specific trip or journey for the purposes of recreation / tourism
  • Official or unofficial observances of religious/national/cultural/other significance, often accompanied by celebrations or festivities (public/religious holiday)

A holiday or vacation trip/break will often be undertaken during specific holiday observances, or be made for specific festivals or celebrations. Certain religious holidays may be of a more sombre nature. Vacation or holidays are often used as a time to spend with friends or family.

Longer breaks from a career or occupation also exist, such as a sabbatical, gap year or career break.”

I am home for my summer va ca tion….I arrived in Arkansas May 29th. That was also the last post into my little blog until today. Why? several reasons, but to sum it up, I have been on leave of absence from my regular occupation. My regular occupation allowed me to spend time here on the blog; musing, day dreaming, drifting through life. Now that I am back in Arkansas, there has been much distraction.

However, today as I sit here in my parents home, relaxing, I have taken the time to visit my creative appetite.

Things have been jumping here, life in Arkansas keeps one on their toes. I have many friends across the State, which I don’t have time to see, but I will try to visit a few. I also have family n several towns near me, that I intend on spending time with.


Today, my mom is having her Bridge Club at her home, she has prepared a nice setting for this occasion. This is one of her hobbies, I take pictures for one of mine, so here it is….

My mother retired from her full time job about 13/14 years ago. She has never complained about being bored. She isfull of creative endeavors, which she fills her time. She appears contented. She made a nice dessert for the women who will come to play bridge today, she has set a pretty table, fresh flowers are on tables, the flowers came from my mothers garden, which is also one of her hobbies.

Gardenias are a member of the family Rubiaceae and belong to the genus Gardenia. There are over 200 species of Gardenias.

This Gardenia is blooming in my mothers yard right now, it is one of many flowers that grow in her yard each spring/ summer/fall/winter. This hearty robust flower has a special meaning to her, as it is my fathers favorite flower. It does have a beautiful fragrance and inside as well as outside this flowers lovely scent is fully apparent. The Gardenia is one of the fresh flowers on my mother’s bridge setting.

She has other flowers blooming in the yard right now, but the one that I love so is called Hydrangea, what a beautiful “old fashion plant”. It has made a comeback in recent years, and now is not so old fashion, as it seems pretty contemporary. For an “old fashion” plant, lots of folks have them growing in their yards these days.

Here is beautiful hybrid hydrangia, this one came from my Grandmother Griffin’s yard, when she passed on, my mother took some of this one and began to grow it in her yard. She told me that this is the first year she has had such large full blooms. It is so pretty.

This is called a mophead form of hydrangia, this is a nice shot, one where the sun is hitting the blooms just right.

This flower is one of her vines, which the name won’t come to me at the moment, but I have done quite a bit of editing it as well, so it doesn’t resemble the original photo, I find it very enjoyable to do this to some of my photos.


My mother also collects dolls as a hobby. Here are a few shots of some of her dolls.

My mother has been collecting dolls for a while, she has developed quite an extensive collection. Some are very small, with intricate detail, and other are larger.

Hobbies are important, they are able to engage us in life and find ways to narrow down the endless array of choices which exist in this world of abundance, which we are so blessed to live in. Yet in order to fully engage in life, sometimes it takes focus upon the things which give us pleasure and help us find our passion.

Little dolls are so magical, when a chld finds one they love, it can be so enduring, when we as adults can maintain that connection with our little child inside us, we get to fully experience living.

I see my mothers view of the world in a sort of kalidascope view of her vast array of interest. She has lots of things that she loves to collect, she enjoys growing flowers, she loves beautiful fabrics, clothing, colors, taste and travel.

The dolls which she has represent many of these facets wrapped in little packages.

In order to maintain our connection with the deepest inner self, we must learn how to be open to life. Everyone does not have the same interest, and eveyone doesn’t have to, for there is so much variety to this gift of life we have been given. The main thing we must do, is fully engage in something, anything. Finding pleasure, joy, love and creative pursuits, that is what keeps us alive.

Just Do It!

have fun~~


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