Trip Report

Trip Report…

I stopped off in Virgina at this little park. It was so peaceful, no way my photos can adequately relive the nice feeling this little spot held.

I just wanted to share this with you. Driving 468 miles yesterday had some very beautiful scenery along I-81. I don’t have much a chance to stop on that buzzing Interstate and shoot photography. (I only wish).

Is there a course in bravery for photographers? <smiling>

Yesterday before I drove out of the parking lot at my home in C’ville, I made time to pray, in my prayer I asked God to guide and direct me. I asked for an “open mind” so that I could recieve his guidance. In a matter of a split second, (I was packed, house locked up, all set to drive off) I got this instant thought, you left your purse, U know what I said? “Thank You God”

Proof…Prayers do get answered 

Off I go, leaving Cooksville about 9:30 am…next big city is Nashville, TN.

then off to Memphis….where one of my hero’s lived….you got it. Elvis!

have fun !


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