Going toward or Walking Away?

Well-Being will always abound, so the dominant experience of the majority of people will always be one of Well-Being.

So you can decide, at any point in time, in what part of this you want to play.

You can use anything as your excuse to align with Well-being, or you can use anything as your excuse to not align.

The thing that is at the heart of this matter, is our own personal power.

(Photos are mine, the words come from Abraham/Hicks)

Hello Annie Goose! Thank you for coming to my site and joining me here. Hello Sister Kay, thanks for stopping by as well. Also welcome to anyone else who stops in, all are welcome to visit me here.

Today I pack my car and prepare for the two day journey back to Arkansas. I leave tomorrow. I am off from work until August. Today will be my last entry for a few days. Seems like I should be saying something profound, but things are not flowing that way.

The thought for today really says it all, aligning myself with the positive and dropping the negative. Much easier for some than others, but still the best way to approach this is to find you bliss. I love to take photo’s, I love to mix my thoughts, others thoughts, and my pictures all together like a hearty stew, blending the flavors and coming up with something that gives me a good feeling.

A friend sent me an email today that had all sort of great lines from famous folks about dogs. I was touched by them all. I decided to put a photo of Peaches here. She is so cute!

I have lots of things left here to finish before I can proceed on my journey home, that is weighing upon me too. My only nephew Hays Enoch will graduate high school this coming Friday. He will graduate from the same High School that his mother Kay, and I did. The staduim that he will get his diploma in is now called Richard D Hays stadium named after Hays grandfather. Mine and Kay’s father. I am looking forward to seeing Hays get his diploma. Life is good!

This morning on UVA Campus, I walked a little different path,
I discovered this great hall….

In my view this symbolizes going forward,


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