You Do!

“Nobody else knows your reason for being. You do. Your bliss guides you to it. When you follow your bliss, when you follow your path to joy, your conversation is of joy, your feelings are of joy — you’re right on the path of that which you intended when you came forth into this physical body”

Abraham-Hicks Publications

I thought I would share this thought for the day with you this morning.

I spent years avoiding my inner voice. The voice inside me told me things, that I wanted to believe, but did not have confidence to allow. The path did not look attainable. I discounted my inner voice, which led me down paths that I don’t recommend anyone travel. It took what it took for me. I was blessed in life, (still am) yet for many years I was driven by the philosophy of “more”. More was always waiting, telling me if you can get this, then you will be happy. I was guided by the god of More. With a fellow named Fear as More’s sidekick.

Today I life with Peace and Serenity.

That is part of the bonus package that comes along with following your bliss.

More and Fear vs Peace and Serenity

You choose……I did 🙂

have fun!


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