Far Away Close


From a distance, nature teaches me.  As I stand looking out over the distance and it is glorious, I can ignore the fragile flaws, I see only the rich beauty “full” of literally millions of organisms that inhabit this lush land. I see the textures, the organic mixtures, but from a distance I don’t know you. I feel you in a way that breaths life into my spirit, but still we are unable to become intimate.

Moving closer, I begin to see more details, the richness still exist, the mystery is still hidden, for distance is still the dominance.

Annie Dilliard in Pilgrim At Tinker Creek says:

“What do I make of all this texture? What does it mean about the kind of world in which I have been set down? The texture of the world, its filigree and scrollwork, means that there is the possibility for beauty here, a beauty inexhaustible in its complexity, which opens to my knock, which answers in me a call I do not remember calling, and which trains me to the wild and extravagant nature of the spirit I seek.”

Nature teaches me, we are all at a distance to someone. We blend into the crowd and we become part of what Annie calls the “possiblity for beauty”.

Which leads me to the next photo that was my imputus for this blog today.

The Peony Show

As I walked about the park this morning, something occured to me that I want to share with you. When you observe this group of Peonies, you see them as a whole, we have gone from looking out over the great distance of standing on the mountain top and seeing the beauty, which isn’t flawed, but a carpet of blended texture, then the next photo was still almost flawless, it was looking closer but still distance allowed the defects to hide.

Now here we stand looking at the Peonies, as a group the defects start to show up, and because of the flowering stages, some of these flower petals are browning and shedding. The flower bed isn’t manicured, so it seems disheveled. I see this as life of our human race. The same can be said for humans, the closer we get the group can look pretty sad. We see the flaws, we see that it is not perfect, the group can be a disappointing view.

However, when we take one of the group, picture the ones who still have fresh life left in them, the awake ones, (if I may), this is what you will see…

Perfect? No I don’t think so, but hidden in that group shot, standing alone, this flower, this Peony has a beautiful presence. Take this one, and get to know it, allow its fragrance and its sweetness to visit your spirit.

I asked myself this morning, why was I so choosy about the flowers that I took photos of, didn’t they all deserve some recognition? If I only wanted to see the pretty ones, what was i doing to the rest, you know leaving them out. I then got this reality moment, I realised that in life, that sometimes the group as a whole does not have all beatiful people/flowers. That some of life we have some pretty hard to look at characters, when we look close. But what we have the choice in life to do, is to honor the truth and beauty. Finding the positive, (yes the darker images still exist) but we can make our life heaven or we can make our life hell. We choose.

The closer I get to you, the more I see of who you are, and I see your beauty. There is an intimacy that develops and even when I see your flaws, your defects, your torn places, I know you…..I love you.

Please God,

Let me see both,
One view lets me ignore
the fragile flaws,
and I only see landscapes

Far Away I never get to know you.
Dear God,

Allow me to realize that seeing closer
may cause me to judge or ignore
what I don’t like to see,
but allow me to look closer
and fully know and cherish
all that you have sent here.

in gods name I pray…..

in and of love, jimmieanna


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