Define the word…1. Of the nature of a type; representing something by a form, model, or resemblance; emblematic; prefigurative.(from Definition.com)

So when are things typical?

 Do you think this photo is typical?

I have had the word typical in my head lately. I hear HRC complain about the votes in Michigan and Florida not being counted, and I think “typical”. I wish she had complained this much when Gore got stripped of his Presidential seat, now there was a real issue. Or what about when Bush stole the first election, or what about when Monsanto began to re-structure our foods and soils? Or when ……arrrrrggg.I have to change my view….


Peony is named Attar of Roses

Inner Peace: knowing, having deep inner faith, that no matter what happens or has happened, that their is a purpose. Imagine the universe, can you? Imagine beyond the universe, can you? Go further….out there into that unknown space….can you? If you can, then you know that going inside is as infinitely far as the distance as you can imagine going outside of you. So….to find inner peace, is as far as one needs to go. Trust that! Breath…let it all go! Peace

maybe called “pillow talk” peony. I am not sure, it sure looks like one.

Peony History…The most well known species of peony is Paeonia lactiflora”Peonies have a long and varied history in both the eastern and western worlds.

People have used peonies as food and medicine as well as sources of inspiration for their artwork and in their gardens.

“the peony dates back as far as 2000 years ago.

Many parts of the plant are purported to have medicinal properties. Roots, bark, seeds and flowers were all believed to be of some medicinal use.Where as peonies have been used continually in medicine in the eastern world, the same can not be said of the western world.

 Peonies were used during medieval times. However their popularity subsequently declined and until recently little was heard of the medicinal properties of peonies.for more information on the peony and it’s medicinal uses, go to http://www.paeonia.com/html/peonies/history.htm

Evening Star

A beautiful peony originated by Hans Sass of Elkhorn, Nebraska.

This is a classic white double peony. The flowers are completely transformed with no hint of pollen. The occasional thin red streak adds interest to the snow white flowers

.Here in Charlottesville VA, the city park has invested care and attention to this wonderful show. I have been amazed at the constant flow from one flowering season to the next. The beautiful Peony adapts so wonderfully here, it fragrance and durability to withstand rains  amazes me.

Maybe all of life requires this type of cultivating. Do we expect too much of our fellow humans in which we share this planet. I doubt that the Peony would have just survived 2000 years with out care and attention.

Thomas Jefferson’s quote come to mind…  

“Cherish… the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. Do not be too severe upon their errors, but reclaim them by enlightening them.” –Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, 1787. ME 6:58

No wonder he is so famous 😉

 Is it that we are much more at ease attending to nature; as she is so soft and delicate? Is it easier to understand when she lets us down? If we do not practice love and tolerance of all, we miss out on so much in life. and nature the great teacher give me that today.(see I already forgot about hrc)  Peony’s…..what a gift, thanks for hanging around here so very long!

Have fun today….where ever you are!In Peace~~~


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