Finding Confidence

“This does not mean that you cannot be successful in the many ways that the world determines success. In learning real confidence you will learn that success comes and goes.  You will learn however that confidence abides beyond such time bound, culturally prescribed definitions of what it means to be successful.” Tony Cuckson The Way of Irish Blessing

This morning I have been clamoring about in my crowded head, trying to find that peaceful spot, the one that allows me to write. It can be so tempting to follow the current news stream and then I start finding all kind of fault in the world. Yes, there is plenty of that to go around. Politics, greed, world hunger, injustice, chemical poisons, threats to destroy the internet….and this list goes on and on……

I kept saying (to my head) I need to find someone to read this morning that is not talking about doom and destruction. I want to be in that spiritual place, the one with hope, love, serenity, magic. I kept looking…..Finally I remembered Tony Cuckson he sends me an Irish Blessing that he writes each week. It always has hope and peaceful wishes. I picked this quote of his for several reasons, but the word “confidence” struck me as one that would garner the most attention. Confidence was something that I never learned how to embrace until I have lived on this planet nearly 6 decades. I know many people who have found short cuts to this place called Confidence, and also know those who are still trying to find it.

If I tried to tell you the way there, you will not understand me, for I have learned that just hearing there is place called Confidence,  will not help you find it. The journey is one that must be taken inside. Just like Tony states up there, there is success in life which are deemed “worldly”, but the real journey to finding real success is buried deep inside and that journey is the most lasting and for most of us, it is the hardest.

Yesterday I went on a journey it was one outside, I want  to share  some of the photos…

At milespost 330.5 along the Blue Ridge Parkway there is a waterfall called Crabtree Falls, from that point as your drive east, you will see along the road a stream which embodies this lovely rushing water and forest. The air smells so good, it is moving with a fragrance of life and you realize what life is about. Stopping here and enjoying the fullness that life offers us, is what living is. I mean; how to make a living and how to enjoy a living is not the same, but in order to fully understand the difference, you must have found “Confidence”. Where you ask? Look inside….

I went out on this journey yesterday with Jan, the House Director that I met up here this year. She and I have been able to form a nice friendship, we each have been blessed to find one another. We are almost the same age, we both had our first year at this job, and wanted to be in this part of USA to see the sites, Jan called me yesterday to invite me to drive the BRP. I am grateful to her, as without her nudge you would not be looking at this beauty. Nor would I have seen it….;)

The drive was about 120 miles round trip, we stopped numerous times to snap photos, all total we drove about 4 hours. The road is winding, it is breath taking.

Confidence? Which way is it please sir? Just keep driving ahead, don’t be afraid of what is around the bend up there, for if you just keep moving forward, leave fear behind, don’t worry, enjoy the moment you have, and truly believe that you have a purpose, and that purpose is unfolding whether you understand it, or not….Confidence will find you….just keep going! Oh yes! and Have Fun!

 Good day!


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