A salute to moms far and wide, but a special big (((HUG)))) to my mom. She lives in Arkansas, and I will not be with her today, but she will get a handmade card, poem, photo, and gift for her garden (maybe it got there yesterday) hope hope

2009 mom

Jimmie Pauline Griffin Hays

I took the above photo of her when I was home last time (christmas 07)


Here is a photo of my Mother when she was a young girl. She is getting her picture made with her paternal Grandmother Griffin. My mother told me that she was so happy to get to have this picture made with her granny. She has a big happy smile on her face.


I am not sure when this picture was made,but a guess is circa 1965  give or take a year. This may have been Christmas morning, as they are still waking up, on the couch in the living room, and that is not what we did on rising in our home. So, best guess is a holiday photo. Us kids are probably gathered round looking at what Santa brought us. They are certainly a handsome couple, even just after waking up. My mom wore her hair like that for years, it was stunning, a work of art. She was the prettiest mother in town, in my view. She still is!


Dallas Texas Ordination Ceremony: for my Catholic Priest Little Brother Rex Hays

Here is a proud moment in my Mothers life. Here is photo of my parents participating in my little brothers Ordination Ceremony in Dallas Texas. I believe this was in April 1980 (ish) please forgive me Rex, I never remember the exact year.

I would like to scan more photos of my mom for my files, as most of the older photos are on regular pictures. Maybe this summer.

Anyway, my mother grew up in Gurdon and Prescott, Arkansas during the great depression. Her father Jim Griffin, who was a conductor on the railroad, had a fatal accident during one of his rides on the train, and my grandmother was left to raise her three young children all alone. My mother who was the oldest; 13 years old at the time, and she tells that her father was her idol. So loosing Jim (that is what she called him) and the incredible struggles that would unfold, due to that time in history helped mold my mother to become  the unsinkable molly brown that she is today. Some people let things like this turn them bitter to the world, this made my mom brush herself off, and try harder. (in my view)

My mother ancestry was German, Scottish/Irish and Indian. That is what helped her to have this hard working, never say never, spirit. She went to college at Henderson State University, met my father Richard Hays, he was a handsome football star who at the time would have been called BMOC. She and my father have been the great love affair. Their love story is one made from movies.

My mother worked a full time job, raised three children; send us all to college, and all along, was the support and full devoted wife to my dad and his career as a high school football coach.

My mother made all of our clothes, cooked full dinners every night after she got home from work, took care of the house, shopping, and had time for a nice social life as well. She is amazing.

Today my mother and father are retired, living in Prescott, Arkansas. My father has had several health issues over the last few years, she has perservered, she never complians, she is so very positive, she loves to garden, she is an fabulous cook, and her cakes could be prize winners(they are to us). My mother plays Bridge once every week, she is a member of the Methodist Church Inner Circle. She is an artist.  She loves to travel; she and daddy have traveled the world in these last 15 – 20 years. They are planning yet another trip to South America this coming summer (2008). Along with all of this she is full command matriarch in our family; if and when we need her support, she is right there.

My mother is a very hard act to follow….Happy Mothers Day mom, May All Your Dreams Come True~

I Love You, jimmie

Here she is….where it all started!



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