What a way to start the day….

queenofit 2008/05/10 07:19 AM

I screamed this morning; a dog came from outta nowhere, as I was out walking my dog in the downtown historical square. Most uncommon to see dogs loose in the city of Charlottesville, VA.

I use the morning walk as my peaceful entry into the world, yet my fear got the best of me, and I over-reacted and screamed when this dog was face to face with mine.

After screaming (loud) I shouted at the dog, to “go home”. He was (thankfully) obedient, and ran off. I have a gentle dog, she loves humans, not so friendly with some dogs, which is why we avoid places like big open spaces to walk, I prefer the confines of a city scene where the dog lease law is strictly enforced.

I realize that all my best intentions to avoid confrontations is still dependent upon other imperfect humans. So I have to accept that I cannot control others actions. I know all of this, but gosh, that scream(?) I was so surprised how fast I (over) reacted, and that worries me. I was so out of control (at that moment). I was so thrown by this, that I was shaking a little even a block away.

Old issues, still unresolved, come back to me. (ptsd) I know that I can go there, but I thought I was doing better.

Good OM for me today! Thanks!


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