“There is some truth to that”

my(over) reaction. It is immediate and disconnected from my higher Self, the constant “I,” and the meaning of my life. My reaction is an imprisoned effect.
This is not freedom.
Responding rather than reacting helps us live freely and in greater harmony with our true identity in every situation.
It helps us grab hold of the freedom we seek in order to enter into the river of divine life.”
Paul Coutinho

I wrote my blog a few moments ago, lost the whole thing, and you know what? I let it go…I did not mind one bit, why? because there was something there that was not right with one. I allow that, and move (knowing)  that is freedom.

I saw this Iris first thing when I got out of the car on our walk this morning!

This week I took a few other pictures of the Iris’s

“there is some truth to this Iris..”


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