My Afternoon Walk

I want to take you on my walk that I make some afternoons downtown Charlottesville. The flowers above were just across from where I parked yesterday, I don’t know if the purple are some exotic azalea, I don’t know what they are. I have a closeup of one about to bud…..

hmmm? ok, that is what it looks like up close. Forgive my lack of detail, for this bud deserves better display, yet my camera and I are only so clever. The eye/cerebral cortex does much better. But I digress….

As you look across the street before heading toward the town square, here is a nice little house (business these days) and their yard is pretty.

Now as we began to walk toward the Historical Square, on the left there is a nice little courtyard, I have not been here before, I found it quite charming…

I don’t know much about this little area, but if one did live here, you could live without a car. You could walk across the street and be at work in the downtown mall area. You could take a cab to the grocery store once a week for supplies, and the rest of the needs I believe could be met with bicycle trips. So it is probably very expensive to live here, but without the expense of car/gas/insurance. I don’t know if you could make enough money in the store in the downtown mall, they don’t pay much. So that is the only problem, unless you waited tables at night. ok…

On to the next site….

Here is a little urn which sits just next to the side walk where we walk, I must admit that the flowers are spent presently and this photo is from about 10 days ago. Yet, it is a pretty site when flowering. Peaches like to mark this spot too>

The courthouse square his one big building sitting in the middle of a very large park. This is the side of the courthouse, and this is a photo of it when the dogwoods were in full bloom. Peaches likes to take her productive walk in this area, (if you get my drift) wink!

Here is a view of the park surrounding the courthouse square. The large statue is “Stonewall Jackson” the building in the background is the courthouse. I am standing on the sidewalk that leads up to the little park area.

So, that will be all for today, I want to continue this but I need to do other things, and the photos take a long time to upload. However, the last one is one that caught my eye yesterday, and I thought it was funny. I am certain it is just a old sign left on the building for humor. The rust and all tell the age, and the building is no longer housed by “The Michie Company” , but those folks were serious about their parking…..grinning

Have a fun day!


One thought on “My Afternoon Walk

  1. I took the walk with you this morning, Althought Charlottesville is far away…I, like Mommy and Daddy are glad you are there for another year…after I looked at this, this morning, I wondered if when I saw the real thing….it will be a small miracle that I do, would I be disappointed…then I decided that I could prepare my self for a real walk there….the imagination is enough on its own, I am grateful for it…I would like for Hays and Joanna to see this area sometime…but I don’t think they would appreciate this until they get older….so I won’t feel bad for the possiblity of taking a trip there on my own…they would probably appreciate the beach more….something maybe we all could do together…that would be fun…in short….I much enjoyed the walk today…I will probably take this walk very often with you and the Peach. Love, Kay

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