Breath, Calm, Let It Go~

Make the best of where you are and do your best to line up your Energy from where you are, because any bit of struggle or any bit of regret only holds your cork under the water and doesn’t allow you to connect with the Energy that would allow anything to improve.

Excerpted from a workshop in Silver Spring, MD on Saturday, April 19th, 1997

All Is Well Abraham-Hicks pbl.

Last year I passed by this pasture and noticed these horses. I decided to see if I could get a few shots of the momma and colt. Well, she would have nothing to do with me, but this little one, was not taking its eyes off me. I even detected a bit of possible conversation going on from the little bugger. It was a nice experience, mingling with the horses that day. I put this photo up today and dedicate to a fallen one who had to be euthanized during the KD yesterday.

I love to watch ’em run
those horses wild and free
but when one goes lame,
pain too much for me.

Thank Our God Up Above
who is watching close
to see,
when  lameness stop me cold,
put me down, won’t you please.

May this little colt, grow up with a kind loving owner, who allows this one to thrive and enjoy life to the fullest.


Photos, Journals, Synchronism…..

I was looking for this photo, when I realized that this photo that I have chosen for todays blog, and the previous little colt photo were taken exactly 1 year apart. I did not notice that until just this minute. Wow! That really surprises me, and yet? How do we grow in life, if we don’t allow the moments that present that sort of experience to us to become what it is, that is a deeper inner ablility to see. I am still learning how this works, but it is so part of us. We can have this ability and use it, but still I am searching how to intergrate this inner vision into something that will heal this planet.

The fairies know this, they travel with us, they guide me and many times behind the scenes they are showing me new a beautiful wonderlands, that are located right under my nose. I would venture to say I have passed the little paradise many days and never gave it one notice, how could you miss it? It takes magic to find it…..

Watch ….

See her? She is in the photo, I happened to get her and she was being very brave. She travels with me, sometimes she gets so excited when I have allowed her to guide me into the green magic forest of her yearning. What a blessing I have to be able to experience life this way. I am often unaware of her presence, but this just goes to show, never forget one moment, they are with you.

Of course none of this would happen if not for Peaches, she makes me take these walks, we go to many parts of town, always exploring the little green spaces. Seldom do we find such gentle streams as this, this was so wonderful.

How can one get down, feel ill at ease, drown in hopelessness and all those negative buttons, when they can go to little out of the way spots such as this? I ask you?

Today is a new day, it will be better than yesterday, and yet….looking at these photos and getting out of my head, it seems maybe ego was just a little too loud yesterday. I am grateful~

Calm mind,

For today's meditation we turn to Zen teacher Dogen
Zenji, who so beautifully observes...

Gaining enlightenment is like the moon re-
flected on the water. The moon doesn't get
wet; the water isn't broken. Although its
light is broad and great, the moon is re-
flected even in a puddle an inch wide. The
whole moon and the whole sky are reflected
in one dew-drop on the grass.

Consciously focus your attention into the present moment.

Breathe deeply at least three times while you relax and
focus inwardly. Repeat until you become one with the flow
of your breath.

Visualize the whole moon and whole sky in one dew-drop
on a single leaf of grass.

Breathe in the dew-drop.

Breathe out the dew-drop.

You are the dew-drop...

and the moon...


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