One More…..

There is a calm
that moves
very near me,
sometimes it reaches
inside me.
It soothes my high
energy vibe.

that soothing Love
that only God
and I share
comes from inside
we hold it there.

I not only need it,
It, that calm
is all  that
keeps me alive.

I just put your words
down, they gently lower
me to the cushioned
plush lawn

the kind your dad did;
now isn’t that calm?

I can make it
more day
some things in life
make it that way~

Reading, sensing
my Love will rise
up to heaven
my, my, my~ Thank Who?

Dear Kay,

I am so sorry for the loss of Jimmy Eskew, he was a good son, friend, classmate, football hero, student, man of God. I know that he was all of that, I hope he was a great father and husband as well. I only say that because I did not know him during that phase of his journey. I think that by what I know his inner self to be, he had the capability to be all of that and more. He was not very old; barely outlived his father.

Poems speak my thoughts….

There will be another funeral in April,

we lay him down to rest,
his torn and damaged body
something took his best.

not for me to say
what it was
that called him away
we just know
he is gone today.

much too soon
for most to bear
the world is in pain.
it bleeds…

his soul it rises to the sky
we don’t as questions
we don’t ask why
we let our God
who knew him best
bring him home
his soul will rest.

to jimmy eskew


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