First Born

First Born
a de “light”
to see you today
welcome to now
how long can you stay?

First Born
the high “light”
of my day.
your youth
your beauty
re “mind”
me of

I read of another sad passing today, someone died and I knew him in a way,
he had some good times, but those went away, he ran from his world, thinking that things would go away.

He ran off to somewhere, Arizona they say, shipped home in a pine box, so life is that way.

No matter the thrills, the frills and the pomp….

Circumstances will be with you and that you can ……..

He passed last week, hope he is on his way,
I think that is all I have to say…..

Hello Time

It wasn’t til
I looked up,
then I

that clock ticking
the wall

that’s when I knew
Time was
making the call….

Oh Time,
Father Time;
have you been waiting
for me?

or have you run just run away
what happened to me?

did it come
 did it go?
merrily dancing
as if I would never know?

what Time
was for,
was it to to run
or go slow?
Oh how Dear God,
am I supposed to know?
Oh Time
you devil
did you do this to me?
I look in the mirror
only misery do I see?


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