I’m glad you are here

I’m glad you stopped by.

I’m telling you this

I’m telling you why.


I have love that I share 

i just have to say,

it heals some you know,

as we gather to pray.


A healer am I

of Hearts; they say.

a caveat of this gift?

I must give away.


send me a photo

i work some on you

your life will be blessed

i know this is true,


I send you some air

put healing in there.

your heart it bleeds

some rest it needs.


my soul speaks these words

they come from inside

she walks very careful,

she usually hides.


she helps her friends,

she is the flow

she ends the pain

don’t ask, just let go…


let her do this for you

you have  to so

she can help you,

this, she says, you

already know…..



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