The Child

“the first thing a child must do if she longs to be
a poem: erase the lines. and from then on
use only the most beautiful colors to color.” by T.O. Wilson – book: enough words

I choose this poem to begin my blog today because I can….smiling. No there are a few things that I want to begin saying about T.O. Wilson. He and I attended school together from 1st grade until 12th. I knew him as a fun loving prankster who(along with me) was  deemed “most wittiest” by our classmates,  for almost every year in jr and sr high school. We neither wanted to be THAT funny, we both wanted to taken serious. How strange it seems to me, and then not really, that we ended up during our 5th decade of life, writing letters to one another, sharing ones poems.

I randomly opened his book this morning and read the above poem;  he is writing about children (theme of my blog site) and colors;  this is springtime and I am also into the new colors that are bursting out here in Charlottesville.

This morning as I walked about the town square, the show is full and vibrant. Tulips are the flavor of the moment, and in my personal view; tulips take on front page news in blossom time. Here(the photo above) is that show in it’s beginning stages and my what a show it is. When I tried to capture (with my limited camera) this visual bouquet, I was thinking to myself; what magic our lenses and cerebral cortex can achieve; as for the camera which I hold, (manmade) it is just not able to fully disclose the beauty of this patch of flowers on the lawn of the court house square. No  the experience that I got to fully enjoy this morning, is not what you see here. This is limited, but this is still pretty to me, and I put it here for you to maybe see[some of] the essence of what I personally was able to experience.

Maybe springtime is my favorite time of the year, for until now, I have not had the ability to walk about so freely in this colorful bonanza of blooms and buds. As stated, my allergies were such that for a long time, hindered the aesthetics of spring, and reduced my serene walk outside, to a sneezing, watering, itching, eyes endeavor. Hard to become one with nature when you are so drained from all the little allergens flying about. I don’t want to dwell on my discomfort too much, but this is like a new me out there, and it is like being reborn into nature. I would even venture to say it is the difference between; walking out in the snow with no coat or hat to stay warm, and walking outside during springtime, hacking and sneezing. So yes, spring is showing great promise for me this year. I am truly blessed.

This is another view of this little bouquet; lovely, and calming to me. Tulips are only with us a few days of each year. I think I would almost venture to say that tulips are my favorite flower. I don’t know if that is true; for  when they bloom and last for such a short blink in the year, it may be  I just feel akin to that fleeting moment of beauty. More when the azaleas show up, I dare say,  I will be making similar comments and compliments in their favor. I welcome each; savoring their personal  beauty, which these inhabitants of earths paradise give us.

I breath in the freshness and erase the lines, allowing just the essence to survive. For when we allow the lines “to disappear from our visions, then the entire picture takes on a new meaning. I can see the photo as a entirely different expression. Life is that way, we don’t have to have the lines drawn for us, we can just observe the events as a collective expression of art. We are all creating, even when you don’t see yourself as a creator, well you are in there, maybe just a piece of the straw that protects the ground around the flowers, or maybe a stem or branch in the background, don’t worry about that. Life is expression, when we can take away the lines and view all the beauty, we get to enjoy life. Breathing in freshness, newness, and calmness. Stop! let yourself be part of the beauty. Imagine yourself as that favorite color. Lock into it, and relax. It is breathing inside you, you are loved. You are love~


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