Spring is Magic and life is springing forth humilty


I woke up this morning trying desperately to remain fixed in the present. As I maintained this presence, good thoughts came my way. I have good mornings anyway, so trying to stay in the moment is really just an exercise, rather than  just some tedious chore. Observing what is happening moment to moment, rather than fixed in what lies ahead, or what did not get done yesterday brings greater intuitive insight.

One of my most certain ways to remain fixed in the moment is to take my camera with me on a hunting expedition; that requires the full focus of now. I was blessed this morning to capture in photograph, this tulip that is beginning its flowering stage of life. I have been watching and waiting with great anticipation for the tulip show to start here in Charlottesville, this is my first spring here, and I feel that the weather here will be very kind to the tulip population. I now the flower I have here is showing great promise.

Annie Dillard in Pilgrim At Tinker Creek speaks about springtime, she says, “In February the plants go into rut; the wind impregnates them. and their buds swell and burst in their time, bringing forth flowers and leaves and fruit.”

Yes that is what has occurred hasn’t it Annie; we are seeing the results of rut in the plants. I also have some tulip trees in bloom here and I am going to take pictures of them later today. I almost missed seeing the blooms on those trees yesterday, I was not looking up. However, when I did see them it was so refreshing to see the flowers spouting out from the bare limbs of the tulip tree. They kind of sneaked out on me.

The springtime has almost always caused me ill health, I have so many allergies, and the blooming plants seem to penetrate into my eyes, nose, throat and immune system causing me great discomfort. This year I have been spared the discomforts of that issue, and I am enjoying the bounty of spring with no ill effects. I am so grateful for this pleasurable experience.

Life here in Charlottesville, is all about vegetation, looking about this town and surrounding countryside one observe a canvas of colors and growth. I have no complaints, again I quote Annie…”There is real power here. It is amazing that trees can turn gravel and bitter salts into these soft lipped lobes, as if I were  to bite down on a granite slab and start to swell, bud, and flower. Trees seem to do their feats so effortlessly. Every year a given tree creates absolutely from scratch ninety-nine percent of its living parts. Water lifting up tree trunks can climb one hundred and fifty feet and hour; in full summer a tree can, and does, heave a ton of water a day. A tree stands there, accumulating deadwood, mute and rigid as an obelisk, but secretly it seethes; it spits, sucks, and stretches; it heaves up tons and hurls them out in a green fringed fling. No person taps this free power; the dynamo in the tulip tree pumps out ever more tulip tree, and runs on rain and air. “

I walk past tulip trees every day, I don’t see any of that, I just know that some shade from trees are present in the hot summer, and well in winter? I notice the trees, give them a nod silently saying to them , “I look forward to you getting some s cover for those tiny bare limbs of yours”. I have the secret notion that winter is a time for the tree to bare it soul to us, it shows us its most secret parts, those dainty limbs stretching naked and unprotected letting us see who they really are. Well except for the shy cedars and pines, those guys are much more modest, never letting those bare limbs show, maybe a bit more prudish and humble. Who Knows?

I drove home today from my early morning walk with Peaches, I told myself that I would not waste my day on that meaningless political jabber, (two candidates are left to chose from) and either one will do or not, I cannot make much difference in the process, If I could have neither would be in the running. What I needed to do today I am doing, and that is spending time creating some peaceful, spiritual, silence in my head. Life is fragile for the human species, walking about the springtime magic of nature is humbling.


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